Christmas Sharing a Success

February 5, 2013

Christmas Sharing was a humbling experience for me as I watched what seemed like thousands of gifts pour in to our office during December. Hundreds of children had something special under the tree this Christmas because of the generosity of donors in our community. And the distribution process at the Christmas Building went blessedly smoothly due to the coordinated efforts of Peggy and our volunteers, spearheaded in a special way by Gerry Fischlein.

~Colleen McNorton, Director


Christmas brought a record number of requests for toys for children. With the donations made to this office, we were able to provide these families with age-appropriate gifts. A big thank you to one of our volunteers who coordinated with To Be-Options for Pregnancy in Fairhope to provide a wonderful Christmas for a very sick baby boy who is sleeping in a new crib this year. His guardian also sleeps much better knowing he is safe there. Also a big thanks to another one of our volunteers who took on a special family of teenage girls, one whom has a lifetime disease. The kindness shown to this family made the grandmother speechless as the family picked up their items. Several single fathers of young and teenage children and a single father that had served a year overseas and is now struggling to provide for his two young children were helped this Christmas. All these instances wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our donors.

Thirty-five volunteers gave up 602.25 hours for Christmas Sharing.  Thank You, Volunteers!

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